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Miami SEO firm

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The most effective way of optimizing any website is increasing inbound links. Therefore, getting links to a website is the main work of any Miami search engine optimization firm. There are many places where the Miami SEO may seek to get links for their clients. However, for the firm to be successful in gaining a top ranking for their clients website, they will need to adhere to the following 5 cardinal rules of linking.

1. Quantity

The first and most important rule of linking for a Miami SEO is the quantity. The more the links they gain to a website, the higher the website will rank. Therefore, the Miami search engine optimization firm must spend most of its time gaining more and more links to their client website. These can be acquired from article submission websites, Question and Answer website, blogging websites, website directories, social bookmarking websites, social networking websites and so much more. A Miami search engine optimization company needs to place links continually until their client gets to the desired ranking. They will also need to keep putting more to ensure that the client website remains at this preferred ranking.

2. Symmetry

Besides the quantity, the Miami SEO firm needs to ensure that the origin of the links are symmetrical. In other words, the company should avoid one source of SEO service. Have some from article submissions, others from blogs, discussion forums and so on. Let them look natural and well distributed. The client website will not only gain in terms of better ranking but you also increase the chances of potential clients stumbling their way to the clients without searching through search engines.

3. White Hat

Another important characteristic of services offered by Miami search engine optimization companies is use of authentic and acceptable services. Links from bad neighborhoods, spam blog posts or forum comments, from blacklisted directories and from adult content related websites can easily get a website black listed. Therefore, a Miami SEO firm needs to check out a site before seeking any linkages. Other techniques that can easily get you blacklisted include excessive links when a website is new, excessive duplication of article content and excessive use of keywords.

4. Quality

The other fundamental rule of for a Miami SEO firm is the quality. In SEO, the quality of the link is determined by the PageRank of the originating website. The higher the PageRank of the website that the Miami search engine optimization is linking from, the more ranking value it will have to the website. Another determinant of the quality is the relatedness of the websites that one is linking from. Linking from a website with from the same niche will have a higher value than getting one from an unrelated website.

5. Keyword Optimized

Finally, another major fundamental rule when linking is keyword optimization. Whenever a Miami SEO firm seeks a link to a customer’s website, they should always relate it to a preferred keyword by use of anchored text. By getting the best keywords and using them as anchored text, the Miami search engine optimization firm gets to optimize the website for these specific keywords.

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